Building Management Australia offers all clients, whether they be developers, building owners, or investors, an integrated range of services.

Given that each building and client is different, tailoring solutions for each project is a crucial part of our business.

Our services are managed and actioned by professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise and include:

• Building management
• Facilities management
• On-site management
• Development consultancy
• Community/strata title consultancy
• Concierge services
• Cleaning services

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Taking Building Management to a new level

Professionalism is key

Bmaus is an integrated building and facilities management company that has evolved to meet the needs of today’s strata buildings.

Most importantly, we understand we are a services company entrusted with the care and comfort of your homes.

With this in mind, we offer highly professional Building Managers with the necessary skills and aptitudes to meet the needs of your strata, from the simplest to the most complex.
Bmaus is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our team members have strong expertise and experience in the following:

• Compilation of building defects
• Control of key and access systems
• Management and audit of security operations
• Supervision of communications systems
• Operation of concierge and reception service
• Reporting and advising the owners corporation of all building issues
• Supervision of contractors
• Control of furniture and goods entry and exit
• Enforcement of by-laws and rules relating to the property
• Attending owners corporation and other relevant meetings

To find out more about our services and how we can improve your building’s management, please contact us on 02 8356 7127 or email info@Bmaus.com.au

We look forward to being an integral part of your building’s success!

The BMAUS Concierge team is within a calibre of its own.

This is because all our concierges have been carefully recruited for their exceptional interpersonal skills, proactive approach and attention to detail which ensures your building’s residents and guests are always personally welcomed and given assistance and information in a friendly yet professional manner.

Our concierges understand residents have busy lifestyles and are always flexible with their approach.

Their services include, but are not limited to:
• Welcoming tenants and guests to the building
• Providing security by restricting unauthorised persons
• Assisting residents and guests with services, directions and information
• Delivery service and package receipt
• Dry cleaning drop off and pick up
• Managing flower deliveries
• Assisting the Building Manager

A clean, well-presented building not only creates a more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable environment for your residents, it helps maintain your building’s market appeal.

It’s therefore vital to have the best cleaners.

Bmaus’s cleaning professionals are carefully chosen for their expertise, strong attention to detail, communication skills, and reliability. They are also fully trained and supervised by our experienced management team who have over 20 years of cleaning expertise.

Our cleaning professionals also comply with Bmaus’s triple certification in Environmental Management, Quality Assurance and Workplace Health and Safety Regulation Policy (WHS).

During these COVID-19 times, our cleaners have developed and adapted new action plans to address high touch points and shared services areas.

Our cleaners offer the following services:
• General cleaning
• Mechanical cleaning
• Water pressure cleaning
• Deep extraction carpet cleaning
• Window and glass cleaning
• Flood damage restoration
• Deep cleaning of floor tiles and grouting
• Garden maintenance
• General carpark maintenance

Please contact us on 02 8357 7127 or email info@Bmaus.com.au for more information. We would love the opportunity to impress you with our comprehensive service!

Enjoy the convenience and security of Bmaus valet parking every day.

Our first-class valet parking team will bring convenience to residents every day, by taking care of residents’/tenants’ vehicles from the moment they arrive until their next trip. It’s a service that to our knowledge is the only full-time residential valet carpark service offered in Sydney.

Our premium yet friendly valet service also assists with time management and, importantly, with residents’ personal security.

We take every effort to ensure vehicles are secure while they are not being used and delivering them to residents/tenants with the very best care.

Developer Services
Bmaus’s range of value-adding Developer Services provides professional planning recommendations and full-service management of every step of the settlement process to ensure a smooth and successful handover.

Our Developer Services have also been designed to enhance your investment by creating more amendable and cost-effective buildings. Developer Services include:

Development planning
Our management team reviews your plans and service offerings to give your development optimum design advantage. Proper preparation in the initial planning stages can result not only in considerable administrative savings, but also improve the amenity and lifestyle for residents and guests – which in turn creates a strong value add for your development.

Pre-settlement handover
Our team delivers red-carpet service by expertly managing every step of your development’s settlement process including:
• Organising viewing times
• Meeting and greeting purchasers and/or representatives
• Conducting onsite inspections for valuers and building inspectors for building inspection reports

Settlement handover
We coordinate the settlement packs, warranties, keys and, where required, support service providers.

Defect administration
As an industry leader, Bmaus has created its own building defect App that facilitates a more seamless and coordinated approach to the compilation of defects, while ensuring each owner’s concerns are readily logged and recorded.

The App enables all data to be recorded into the building administration system, providing an easy-to-access ready record for both the strata developer and builder. The unique approach has proven itself development after development as the most effective and thorough way to ensure defects are logged and rectified immediately after completion.

For further details on how we can make a difference to you and your development, contact us at bdm@bmaus.com.au

Building Managers provide a variety of services that help create a more convenient, efficient and cost-effective building. Strata buildings that have numerous lots – residential, commercial, retail – have an increased amount of traffic and activities which require a professional building manager to oversee and mitigate.

The costs of employing a single building manager can be significantly smaller than contracting individual roles simultaneously. Additionally, the costs of maintaining a building are additionally less than repairing problems. Having a service that helps preserve and enhance your most valuable asset is a smart investment.

Building Managers organise, control and delegate the strategic and operational management of a building. They are based on-site with a dedicated office from where they manage contractors and suppliers carrying out maintenance and upgrades and provide services such as security, cleaning, and property maintenance. Building Managers can issue keys, accept parcels and manage the adherence of the occupants to the registered by-laws.

Bmaus can assist the owners’ corporation with:
– The management of common property
– Controlling the use of common property by tradespersons and other non-residents
– The maintenance and repair of common property
– Duties such as concierge, security and cleaning

Building Managers usually manage strata buildings greater than 70 lots, however, they can manage smaller strata on a part-time basis at the Strata Committee’s discretion.

Strata Managers take direction from a building’s strata committee and their role involves duties similar to those of a banker, administrator and lawyer. Strata Managers manage the funds of the building’s owners, issue levy notices, pay contractors, and ensure the owners are complying with strata laws.

Building Managers are appointed by members of a Strata Committee. They are appointed at an AGM or EGM and are administered by the Strata Committee via a Strata Agent.

The Strata Committee of the owners corporation represents owners or owners’ nominees. It is responsible for the day-to-day running of the strata scheme and is elected at each annual general meeting (AGM). The owners corporation decides the number of strata committee members for the coming year at each AGM. An owners corporation may also employ a Strata Managing Agent and/or Building Manager to carry out some, or all, of the responsibilities of the strata committee.

Bmaus can provide a full-time or part-time Building Manager. Your building’s size, amenities and management requirements, as well as your budget, largely determine whether you require a full-time or part-time Building Manager.
Bmaus’s building management contracts are for a minimum of two years.

We create a tailored quote by discussing your tenant’s requirements and by conducting an on-site scope of work to assess your building’s maintenance and management requirements such as security, cleaning, coordinating/overseeing repairs and renovations, provision of valet parking, concierge, and/or mail/parcel management, and facilities maintenance such as gardening and maintenance of amenities such as gyms and/or swimming pools.

Yes, our Building Managers are experienced in managing buildings that have a mix of residential and commercial lots. Each of our managers has a strong understanding of the different tenant and operational requirements of mixed-use buildings.
Yes. All building management contracts can be redetermined as needed. Changes quite often occur in the first year of management as the building’s requirements become more fully known.
Ultimately, our Building Managers report to the strata committee, usually via the Strata Manager. Bmaus provides a comprehensive and thorough report on the building’s activities, which is issued either monthly, quarterly or biannually depending on the Strata Committee’s needs. In addition to the reports and the Building Managers, we also have a relationship manager and general manager who are always on-hand to provide support.
Bmaus has managers who work on the weekends, and some buildings have split shifts with two managers performing a total of 12 hours of onsite management. As always, we adapt services to meet the needs of the building and our clients.

Bmaus has managers who operate as full-time managers, part-time managers and, in some instances, a combination of remote and onsite managers. As with all our services, we tailor the manager’s hours to meet the needs of your building.

Bmaus employs several ‘floating’ / ‘relief’ Building Managers who are acquainted with your building and its operation and maintenance requirements. This ensures a continuity of quality service during times of leave.

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