For many owners, it is the single largest asset they will ever own. Maintaining that asset is not a cost but an investment in your financial security and amenity.

BMAUS adds value by controlling cost expenditure, applying correct contract supervision, and identifying problem areas.

BMAUS has more than thirty years of hands-on management experience. Our highly proactive team currently successfully manage over 30 buildings and assets valued in excess of $3 billion.

Having dealt with defect warranty periods, building upgrades, disaster rectifications, strata title mediations, resident action groups, overcrowding and fire orders, BMAUS has what it takes to help Owners’ Corporations navigate the myriad of complexities involved in managing multi-unit wellings.

Benjamin Mees
(General Manager)

Ben has been involved in the Australian property industry for over 25 years. Having held roles as Construction Project Manager, an Estate Manager through to Facilities Management, Ben can readily adapt to changing regulations and requirements within the industry. His strength lies in understanding the delicate balance required between delivering superior customer service and incorporating financial and social impacts. Ben maintains a high level of industry knowledge through research, which enables BMAUS to recommend and implement the latest building products and technologies, bringing efficiencies and cost benefits to properties and their tenants.

Rastko Radovanovic
(Operations Manager)

Rastko is an experienced Operations Manager with extensive building and facilities management experience. Rastko’s experience early in his career was in the Building and Construction Industry. His skills and knowledge of the building industry and building codes is exemplary and his strengths are shown with his ability to work through to amicable solutions. This experience has been coupled with his workplace trainer qualifications to on-board new building managers with knowledge and support. Having spent the last 7 years in Building Management, Rastko brings to the team a wealth of experience, along with excellent personal skills and a friendly approach, Rastko adds value to the BMAUS Management Team.

Paul Heginbotham
(Senior Manager)

Paul has had 20+ years in Facilities Management working in all fields (Commercial, Retail Residential, and Industrial experience). Paul’s experience early in his career was in the Metal Trades and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industries and his move into Facilities Management.

His skills and knowledge of the building systems are extensive with experience in many different systems, including Access control, CCTV, Fire systems and Air Conditioning controls systems. With these strengths helping to work through to amicable solutions. This experience has been coupled with his ability to simplify complex issues to a level for the layman to understand is extremely helpful to new building managers with the knowledge and support. Having spent the last 20+ years in Building Management, Paul brings to the team a wealth of varying types of experience, along with excellent interpersonal skills and a friendly approach, Paul adds his own value to the BMAUS Management Team.

Annette Morris
Relationship Manager (Senior)

Annette brings her knowledge and personable skillset from her roles in staff management and business development. Annette will be working with both Building Managers and Strata committees to ensure that Bmaus is proactively exceeding expectations.

Annette’s friendly approach allows her to facilitate long-lasting relationships and create a rapport with both staff and committee members ensuring both cohesion and transparency. Bmaus has confidence that Annette will be at the heart of every good relationship establishing long lasting business partnerships.

Winnie Chhor
Business Development Manager

Winnie is a passionate, experienced professional whose honesty and integrity are underpinned by a strong focus on customer service. She works hard to build trust with clients by providing exceptional and professional communication, transparency and accountability.

She is very accomplished with over 20 years of experience delivering excellence in the management of processes, procedures and personnel within real estate, service centre, education and retail environments.

We are a totally independent organisation – we are not affiliated with any strata companies, developers, or contractors. This allows for peace of mind as we have no conflicts of interest.

Professional care: We are structured to provide peace of mind. Our building managers take pride in the management of their assigned building and have a proactive approach to ensuring the care and comfort levels of everyone residing in the building. In addition, BMAUS employs several “floating / relief” building managers who are acquainted with the portfolio and individual procedures. This ensures a continuity of quality service during times of leave.

Maintaining Excellent Standards: Ensuring personal appearance and professional attire of all BMAUS Members. Addressing people and problems in an approachable proactive manner. Managing the perceived value of the building and surrounding grounds.

Staff Selection: Strategic recruitment procedures are in place for selecting the best Building Managers, Concierge and Cleaners for each individual building. Staff members have been filtered through many in-house processes and are chosen based on the building needs and the people residing within the building. Numerous BMAUS Building Managers have engineering backgrounds, business degrees and tradesman qualifications and will be matched in accordance.

Professional Residential and Commercial building management tailored to your needs.

We work closely with our clients to develop cost-effective management solutions designed to help underpin the long term success of their property portfolios.

BMAUS provides quality services in the following ways:

• Offering cost-effective services which are tailored to suit individual client needs
• A flexible approach during the term of tenure is essential; the needs of your strata may change and BMAUS is more than happy to change with you.
• Our corporate management ensures your building management will not be impacted by such things as annual leave or sick leave
• Ensuring high quality maintenance of owner’s assets
• Maintaining a level of excellence so buildings are highly regarding by tenants and purchasers
• Ensuring the highest level of quality assurance
• Facilitating all necessary works and services such as cleaning and garbage management
• Maintaining strict security control
• Providing emergency after hours’ service operated by senior management
• By-law enforcement conducting annual building audits, including occupational health and safety

Whether it be security audits, contractor registration, work method safety administration or AFSS certification, BMAUS has it covered.

None of our Building Managers operate in isolation, nor are they left to their own devices. They are fully supported by and accountable to an accredited Operations Manager and General Manager who holds ultimate responsibility for quality of work and outcomes.

We are a totally independent organisation – we are not affiliated with any strata companies, developers, or contractors. This allows for peace of mind as we have no conflicts of interest.

A building manager is an on-site caretaker who performs the day-to-day operations of a building. They are appointed by members of a Strata Committee.

Some strata’s may have numerous amounts of lots therefore increasing the amount of traffic and activities requiring someone to oversee and mitigate.

Building managers organise, control and delegate the strategic and operational management of a building and are based on-site to deal with various contractors and suppliers in carrying out maintenance and upgrades and providing services such as security, cleaning and property maintenance. The managers can issue keys, accept parcels and manage the adherence of the occupants to the registered by-laws. They usually are caretaking strata to which where there are greater than 70 lots, although can manage smaller strata on a part time basis at the Strata Committee’s discretion. The managers are based onsite with a dedicated office in the building where as the strata manager is located offsite within their company’s office.
BMAUS building managers are employed based on their many years of capable experience. The costs of employing a single building manager can be significantly smaller than contracting individual roles simultaneously. Additionally, the costs of maintaining a building are additionally less than repairing problems. Having a service which maintains your most valuable asset can be a great investment.

The strata manager works at the direction of the Strata committee and their role is one of a banker, administrator and lawyer. They manage the funds of the owners, issue levy notices, hold the position of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer (if Committee wishes), pay contractors, ensure the owners are complying with strata laws.

The strata committee of the owners corporation represents owners or owners’ nominees. It is responsible for the day-to-day running of the strata scheme and is elected at each annual general meeting (AGM). The owners corporation decides the number of strata committee members for the coming year at each AGM. An owners corporation may also employ a strata managing agent and/or building manager to carry out some, or all, of the responsibilities of the strata committee.

Taking Building Management to a new level

Professionalism is key

BMAUS is an integrated building and facilities management company that has evolved to meet the needs of today’s strata buildings. We understand, most importantly, that we are a services company entrusted with the care and comfort of your homes.

We offer highly professional Building Managers with the necessary skills and aptitudes to meet the needs of the simplest to the most complex needs of your strata. Quite simply, BMAUS is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our team members have strong expertise and experience

• Compilation of building defects
• Control of key and access systems
• Management and audit of security operations
• Supervision of communications systems
• Operation of concierge and reception service
• Reporting and advising the owners corporation of all building issues
• Supervision of contractors
• Control of furniture and goods entry and exit
• Enforcement of by-laws and rules relating to the property
• Attending owners corporation and other relevant meetings

To find out more, please contact us. We look forward to being an integral part of your building’s success!

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