Quality Service

BMAUSQuality Service

Professional Residential and Commercial building management tailored to your needs.

We work closely with our clients to develop cost-effective management solutions designed to help underpin the long term success of their property portfolios.

BMAUS provides quality services in the following ways:

  • Offering cost-effective services which are tailored to suit individual client needs
  • A flexible approach during the term of tenure is essential; the needs of your strata may change and BMAUS is more than happy to change with you.
  • Our corporate management ensures your building management will not be impacted by such things as annual leave or sick leave
  • Ensuring high quality maintenance of owner’s assets
  • Maintaining a level of excellence so buildings are highly regarding by tenants and purchasers
  • Ensuring the highest level of quality assurance
  • Facilitating all necessary works and services such as cleaning and garbage management
  • Maintaining strict security control
  • Providing emergency after hours’ service operated by senior management
  • By-law enforcement conducting annual building audits, including occupational health and safety

Whether it be security audits, contractor registration, work method safety administration or AFSS certification, BMAUS has it covered.

None of our Building Managers operate in isolation, nor are they left to their own devices. They are fully supported by and accountable to an accredited Operations Manager and General Manager who holds ultimate responsibility for quality of work and outcomes.

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