Frequently Asked Questions


A building manager is an on-site caretaker who performs the day-to-day operations of a building. They are appointed by members of a Strata Committee.

Some strata’s may have numerous amounts of lots therefore increasing the amount of traffic and activities requiring someone to oversee and mitigate.

Building managers organise, control and delegate the strategic and operational management of a building and are based on-site to deal with various contractors and suppliers in carrying out maintenance and upgrades and providing services such as security, cleaning and property maintenance. The managers can issue keys, accept parcels and manage the adherence of the occupants to the registered by-laws. They usually are caretaking strata to which where there are greater than 70 lots, although can manage smaller strata on a part time basis at the Strata Committee’s discretion. The managers are based onsite with a dedicated office in the building where as the strata manager is located offsite within their company’s office.

BMAUS building managers are employed based on their many years of capable experience. The costs of employing a single building manager can be significantly smaller than contracting individual roles simultaneously.
Additionally, the costs of maintaining a building are additionally less than repairing problems. Having a service which maintains your most valuable asset can be a great investment.

The strata manager works at the direction of the Strata committee and their role is one of a banker, administrator and lawyer. They manage the funds of the owners, issue levy notices, hold the position of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer (if Committee wishes), pay contractors, ensure the owners are complying with strata laws.

The strata committee of the owners corporation represents owners or owners’ nominees. It is responsible for the day-to-day running of the strata scheme and is elected at each annual general meeting (AGM). The owners corporation decides the number of strata committee members for the coming year at each AGM. An owners corporation may also employ a strata managing agent and/or building manager to carry out some, or all, of the responsibilities of the strata committee.

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